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The Benefits of Purchasing from Diversity Suppliers

WMBE- Women and Minority Business Enterprises.

Local, State, and Federal agencies all require buying from WMBE's and all have quotas and compliance mandates.

It's the right thing to do-over half of the Fortune 500 companies show the social responsibility of voluntary compliance as good business practice.

Women-Owned Diversity Suppliers:

  • Owners and employees bring diverse skills and knowledge bases.
  • Solution minded without tunnel vision of “the way it’s always been done”.
  • Local, agile, and quick to react.
  • Niche businesses with narrower focus; therefore more productive.
  • More willing to work harder, longer, and go the extra mile to satisfy customers.
  • Bring innovation, integrity, creativity, flexibility, and capability of “turning on a dime”.
  • Decision makers easily accessible with quick answers.

Women Buyers in the Marketplace

  • Women make most of the purchasing decisions involving consumer goods.
  • Studies show that 80% of women consumers between 35 & 55 would be more likely to buy a company’s products or services if sourced from women-owned businesses.
  • Companies with histories of buying from women-owned businesses have an instant competitive advantage with the most powerful purchasing group in today’s marketplace.

Economics of buying from Diversity Suppliers

  • Proven to be the lowest cost, highest quality suppliers; not only meet standards required but surpass them and out-perform majority owned competitors.
  • Out perform the general supplier population in providing goods and services that meet rigorous quality, price, and service standards.
  • Have to be competitive-- keep pace with technology, know marketplace, be viable financially, and go beyond buyers' expectations.
  • Have lower overhead than larger companies.
  • Helps the buyers' profitability and the economy as a whole.
  • Growth and success of companies shown to be directly related to their philosophy of and commitment to delivering the highest possible value to customers through quality products and customer service.

We also care about the environment and the impact our industry has on it.

Green Day

Robertson Press often works with specialty vendors who have been FSC certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for their efforts in using papers acquired through sustainable methods.

Its product label allows consumers worldwide to recognize products that support the growth of responsible forest management.

Whether your project needs to include direct mailing, large volume printing, recycled paper or other methods of paper conservation, ask how we can help you do a more responsible job.


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