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Our Expertise is Your Advantage

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Just as a diamond has many facets, the services we provide to our clients have many forms.

On any given day we:

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Consult with customers to determine the best specifications to achieve their objectives

Printing projects involve more than just printing. Our expertise in the industry can help you refine your process.

Specialize in offering paper and printing recommendations for cost savings

Read the Success Story "How About Half Price" to see what we mean.

Match clients needs with the specific capabilities and efficiencies of select vendors

Sometimes vendors change what they do and how they do it. We seek to tailor your projects to the people we know can do the best job for you.

Source jobs for the best quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery

We have the resources to provide these three critical components to your print project.


Provide proofs for client approval

Let us help you spot errors prior to production.

Press check and monitor entire production process

We are on-site during production to insure that the project is to your specifications.

Communicate consistently with client from start to finish of project

Sometimes mid-course corrections need to happen. We will keep you in the loop.

Save shipping costs by analyzing mailing addresses and using most cost efficient postal facilities

Working with the postal system can be challenging. Let us show you the secrets we have discovered to lowering costs and getting your work done more efficiently.

Save the client warehouse space by warehousing the product locally

Why pay "retail rates" for warehouse space? Let us show you how our coordinated system of production, warehousing and delivery can save you money.

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Provide completely assembled multi-part projects

Are you using expensive employees to assemble projects?

We can lower your overall costs. Ask us how.

Provide up-to-the-minute inventory information of warehoused product

No one wants to run out of supplies at a critical time. Our on-line inventory system can let you know what we have on-hand ready for delivery.

Assure timely delivery of online-ordered product

Your order will be confirmed by email and delivered as promised.


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