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Success Stories We Share with Our Clients

Good business is about relationships. Are the things we do fair to all concerned? Do they build good will and better friendships? The following stories illustrate ways we have helped our clients in the past and would like to help you. The names were changed as the "better part of valor."

1). The Check Is In The Mail!

Our client, “The Smith Co.” asked several vendors to quote on supplying a unique, embedded security, continuous check form. They were installing a new system of printing, inserting, and mailing the checks. All the vendors responded that this form could not be manufactured or supplied by any check company.

“SmithCo” came to us at Robertson Press, Inc. and asked for our help. At first, several check form manufacturers told us also that they could not provide it. We kept “digging” and didn’t give up. We asked our primary check form source to take another look at it, and they did.

With our suggested change in paper stock and a few necessary perforation adjustments, we had samples manufactured and tested by “SmithCo”. The new check form performed flawlessly. Furthermore, we securely warehouse the sequentially numbered checks and deliver them on demand.

In going the “second mile”, we solved a major problem for our customer, and have enjoyed this business for several years. Our determination to help the client, our vast knowledge of paper and printing, and our unwillingness to give up, are trademarks of our service.


2. How About Half Price?

Our client, “The Jones Co.” needed 165,000 Sales Kits. There were 5 different kits, and 6 different versions of each kit. There were 55 different printed items and a total of 2 million printed pieces were needed.

Fulfillment accuracy was critical because each kit was personalized with individual business cards that had to match personalized applications within the kits.

Linen read

Robertson Press utilized 9 vendors to produce the project, including web and sheet-fed printers, envelope, forms, and carton manufacturers, and a fulfillment facility. RoPress was “production central”, and everything was coordinated and managed in our office.

There were approximately 10 employees of “JonesCo” from the graphics, sales, marketing, purchasing, mail, and warehouse departments directly involved. They were all kept informed of the progress on a daily basis.

The sales kits were delivered on time with perfect quality.

THE CLIENT INFORMED ROPRESS THAT WE PRODUCED THE PIECE AT HALF THE COST OF THE PROJECT COMPARED TO THE PREVIOUS YEAR. Additionally, our RoPress staff met with the “JonesCo” employees after completion to assess the project. We suggested additional possible changes in the future which may save $100,000 more.

3. Get The Job For ----FREE!

postageOur client, "The Brown Co." asked Robertson Press to bid on the production of 150,000 directories, 296 pages each, size 8.5X11. Even though RoPress was low bid, we offered "BrownCo" the opportunity to save $3000 by changing the paper used in the project.

However, since these directories were to be mailed, the largest savings was in postage. Because of the paper change, the directory weight went from over 16oz. to 11oz., resulting in a $60,000 savings in postage.

Additionally, RoPress analyzed the address list and arranged for the directories to be shipped to various postal facilities to maximize postage discounts. After freight costs, "BrownCo" saved another $8000 in postage. The total net savings on this project added up to $71,000.



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